Artist Bio

Paula Jerome was born in Philadelphia on January 5th, 1949 to first generation Italian parents. Her childhood was spent with a large extended family intent on retaining many customs brought over from Italy. During her early years she developed two passions: one for design, and one for spirituality, both of which has led her on a lifelong journey.

From 1949 to 1975, Paula’s family traveled 60 miles to Atlantic City where Paula remembers her summer vacations laced with the smell of salt air, white sand beaches and the boardwalk. It was during these years that Paula experienced the “old Atlantic City.” She saw the Diving Horse on the Steel Pier, walked through the six-story high Lucy the Elephant, ate Fralinger’s and James salt-water taffy, and had many rides on the Rolling Chairs that cruised the boardwalk. This was the inspiration for her “Atlantic City Charm Bracelet.”

In 1979, Paula moved to Absecon, NJ (located three miles outside of Atlantic City) where she raised her family and started a travel agency. Her travels to many places inspired her to create. It was during this time she developed a love for gems and immersed herself in the study of one of Nature’s greatest gifts.

Since moving to Asheville in 2002, Paula’s beaded jewelry was featured in some of Ashville’s local galleries with great success. From 2006 to 2007 Paula studied metalsmithing with a master metalsmith and found that the fluidity of metal was able to convey her need for movement in her designs. Her signature “S” curve can be found on most of her pieces and speaks to the energy of life, embracing “Change” as a constant.