Company Information

Sitting in her New Jersey studio, located near Atlantic City, Paula Jerome dreams about charms. Iconic images that represent New York and New Jersey that could find their way onto one of her beautiful bracelets.

Paula Jerome Designs proudly produces jewelry that evokes a classical elegance and timeless style. She creates her jewelry to help enhance a lifestyle based on quality, integrity and sophistication for women across the globe. Each piece represents an emotion or a story, meant to inspire both strength and sensitivity in the woman who wears it.

Developing a passion for design and spirituality from an early age, Paula has been on a lifelong journey as an artist.  She was born in Philadelphia to a first generation Italian family and she always delighted in things that she found beautiful. Paula traveled internationally and found further inspiration to express herself artistically. She studied metalsmithing and realized that jewelry was the perfect medium in which she could communicate her message to the world.

In 2002, she founded Paula Jerome Designs (PJD), to custom design sterling silver and 14K gold jewelry Paula designs each piece using the lost wax casting method. She incorporates the signature “S” curve in nearly every piece, believing the fluidity and movement of the shape projects the energy of life.  PJD currently showcases six collections which offer an assortment of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins.

The “Atlantic City charm bracelet” stands separately from the rest and holds a special place in Paula’s heart. Until she was 25, Paula’s family traveled annually nearly 60 miles each summer to eat Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy and James’ Confections, visit the white sand beaches and ride the Rolling Chairs that cruised the boardwalk of Atlantic City. The bracelet was designed as a labor of love to honor the fond memories and playful times of the designer’s childhood.

Paula Jerome Designs offers exceptional customer service and upholds strict standards and green casting methods to minimize their global impact. No groundwater is polluted during the casting process and all PJD pieces are made with 100% recycled Sterling Silver and 14K Gold.